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Our Team 2022~

Robin Park

Clara Son

Nathan Park

Thea Larsen

Seoyun Kim

Chester Thompson

Vivian Zhao

Caitlyn Chan

Our Team 2018~2021

Alex Seungyun Ha

Alex Ha is the first president of SOS (Save Our Fondation). Despite being founded in 2018, SOS used to be apart of Hwarang Youth Foundation. With the COVID-19 pandemic, SOS is now an independent organization focused on teaching children who are at an disadvantage due to the distanced learning.

Brian Zou

Brian Zou enjoys science, whether it be found in academic topics or recreational activities. With knowledge from both AP Chemistry and AP Biology courses under his belt, he is decently rehearsed in the various sciences. Alongside science, Brian enjoys helping out wherever he can, whether it be to better the homeless or society in general. Following this objective, he has helped aide various volunteering programs, SOS being one of them.

Clara Son

Clara Son is a student who attends the Orange County School of the Arts in the creative writing conservatory. She has won the Scholastic Gold Key for her work in creative writing and has given State and National award winning speeches. For the next upcoming years, she hopes to inspire and educate young minds about creative writing and the art of argumentative essay writing.

Emily Kim

Emily Kim is currently a senior attending Valencia High School in Placentia, California. She is the head of the marketing department of SOS, overseeing the organization and communication with students and volunteers. Emily has many years of experience in the field of marketing through other clubs and organizations. Outside of SOS she continues to volunteer with other programs to offer her service for the community.

Jun Seo Hong

Jun Seo Hong is a junior at Troy High School in Fullerton, California. As a member of the administration, his duties mostly entail keeping everything balanced within the organization. Alongside SOS, Jun Seo also works as a member of the Hwarang Youth Foundation and enjoys volunteering and is experienced in community service as a result.

Kayley Yoo

Kayley Yoo is a senior at Valencia High School located in Placentia, California. As part of the marketing department, she manages incoming members joining the SOS organization. Outside of SOS, Kayley enjoys collaborating with students and volunteers as part of school clubs and activities.

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