What is S.O.S

Save Our Society (S.O.S) is a volunteer organization that attempts to find diverse and smart solutions to problems in the community while benefiting members with hands on and technical experience. 


Who can join S.O.S

Anyone with an interest in volunteering can join SOS. SOS is not restrictive on interest as members can either find an activity they like or work to create a new one by persuading their peers. There is no membership fee to be open to every financial situation.


Mission Statement

To empower and enable students for self-improvement through humanitarian goals for proficiency in future careers and education. 


What activities

In the first year, SOS will be a virtual workshop and class-based. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, in-person classes will not only be difficult to carry out, but also attract attendees. 

Any skill-based class will always start off with a workshop, to gauge interest and gather the most amount of people. Classes will start off with people interested after the workshop. 

Any general classes (like teaching math) will just be a sign up weekly basis. 

Alex Seungyun Ha

Alex Seungyun Ha


Alex Ha is the first president of SOS (Save Our Fondation). Despite being founded in 2018, SOS used to be apart of Hwarang Youth Foundation. With the COVID-19 pandemic, SOS is now an independent organization focused on teaching children who are at an disadvantage due to the distanced learning. 

Brian Zou

Brian Zou

Science Department Head

Brian Zou enjoys science, whether it be found in academic topics or recreational activities. With knowledge from both AP Chemistry and AP Biology courses under his belt, he is decently rehearsed in the various sciences. Alongside science, Brian enjoys helping out wherever he can, whether it be to better the homeless or society in general. Following this objective, he has helped aide various volunteering programs, SOS being one of them.