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Supporting our community's future generations through dedicated educational volunteer and community service.

Save Our Society (S.O.S) is an educational nonprofit organization that provides free tutoring services in the subjects of creative writing, coding, math, and art to students in grades K-9. SOS attempts to find diverse and advanced solutions to filling educational gaps in our community by employing hands-on, expert teachers.



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What kind of classes does SOS offer?


Creative writing Class


In this class, students learn about a range of creative writing genres, ranging from historical fiction to ekphrastic poetry. They explore the art of writing a well structured narrative alongside short stories and poems. With the mentorship of the SOS expert creative writing team, students read, write, and engage collaboratively to workshop pieces and build their very own creative writing portfolio! 


Coding Class

The SOS coding class teaches students the ropes of beginning intermediate coding to students who are interested in going into a software engineering field in the future, or just want to learn how to code. Expert coding teachers guide students in practicing and applying code. 


Art Class


Learn how to get started or improve on visual art skills. Students explore different forms of art and absorb how to wield their paintbrushes and pencils in a masterful way as guided by the SOS art team. They cultivate advanced artwork and build portfolios. 


Math Class

Students gain experience, practice, and knowledge in Algebra 1. They complete various math problems, ask questions, and get hands-on tutoring aid in this subject!
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