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Available Classes

Coding Introduction using Scratch

The initial class to a series of courses, this beginners class is meant to give a basic introduction to coding through Scratch. Scratch is an online visual coding platform that doesn’t require text coding!

Date: Tuesday, Wednesday
Time: 4-5:30 PM PST


Creative Writing 

Learn how to get started or improve on creative writing. In this workshop, Clara and Rachel will be instructing on how to not only start writing, but also strategies and elements behind it. 

Date: Saturday
Time: 2-3 PM PST (6-9th Graders)
Time: 3-4 PM PST (3-5th Graders)

Science Experiments at Home

Led by the Head of the Science Department, Brian Zou. The course aims to teach students about various fields of general science, through hands-on experiments that encourage participation. The course is developed with quarantine in mind, most if not all materials are common in most households. The experiments are designed to be enjoyable, and feel less stressful than a conventional lecture.

Date: Monday
Time: 4-5 PM PST

Upcoming Classes


A basic academic math class, learn and review grade appropriate mathematics in small groups. Each group will be taught by a volunteer highschool student.

Date: Thursday/Friday
Time: 4-5 PM PST (3-5th Graders)
Time: 5-6 PM PST (6-8th Graders)

Intermediate Coding using Scratch

The second class to a series of courses, this intermediate class is meant to build on the skills learned in the introductory course. It will be mostly creative project based.

Date: TBA
Time: TBA


Art: Hand Drawing

Learn the most basic skill in Art, the Hand Drawing course will give you a basic introduction to drawing simply with paper and pencils. 

Date: TBA
Time: TBA